Sebastian Simon’s Story: A Wild Ride From Homechef to A Masterchef

From Bangalore to Melbourne, this chef’s journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster!

Meet Seby, the culinary wizard based out of Melbourne who started his cooking dreams at the humble restaurants of Bengaluru but destiny had a lot more in store!

Sebastian Simon is a well-known culinary consultant, a Masterchef, and a chief instructor at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Melbourne. He has over 23 years of culinary experience and expertise in indigenous cuisine, street food, molecular gastronomy, vegan and French fare. But for Sebastian or as he is called ‘Seby’, the journey was not so easy. 

Seby was always passionate about cooking but like all other creators who follow their dreams, it began with a few failures. Opportunity knocked on his door at the Miss World 1996 in Windsor Manor Sheraton, Bengaluru. The sheer glitz and glamour of the event were extremely fascinating to our Seby, but it made him realise that he wasn’t looking deep enough into the underbelly of the culinary world.

Seby had realised his dream of becoming a top chef very early in life but at that time there were no grand competitions or celebrated platforms that gave home chefs an opportunity to showcase their talent. It took 23 years of hard work, determination, and pure culinary skills to achieve his goal.


Seby’s affair with the culinary world started in Goa at Taj Exotica and thereafter Leela Kempinski, Bengaluru, before he relocated to New Zealand where he began his international career at the Orbit Restaurant and Brassiere of Skycity. Later, he moved to Melbourne, Australia and took over as the Executive Chef of the Mirvac hotels.

On his love for cooking and views on food, he says, “My philosophy and approach to cooking have been one that is focused on creativity and depth of flavour. I believe food must be clean and sourced from ethical and natural resources. You should avoid processed food, waste less, and watch out for food miles.”

Seby’s love for food has literally taken him across borders and even helped him collaborate with the likes of  Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, and Elena Jo Duggan.

Seby’s take on being a chef is simple, food should inspire you enough to push harder and become the best. He describes his cooking as authentic because even after all these years, he hasn’t forgotten his roots and incorporates his authentic Indian style in every dish he creates.


With a passion for ethically sourced food fresh produce, Seby is also trying to encourage ethical food choices in the local restaurants on the streets of Australia. 

His love for cooking, determination, and authenticity is what transformed Seby from a talented young home chef to a culinary Masterchef. He has become an inspiration to all young chefs around the world who are still finding their feet in the culinary world.

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