6 Popular Indian Dishes That Every Foodie Loves To Binge Eats!

Indian dishes are a true reflection of our culture: Diverse and vibrant. From the spicy flavours of the North to the tangy zest of the South, Indian cuisines are an epitome of piquancy.
We can’t possibly compare the numerous kinds of traditional dishes made in India because each of it has its own flavour and following, but we can list down some of the more popular Indian dishes that just make you lick every finger till you savour the last taste of it!


1. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a staple of South Indian cuisine and a fan favourite of every Indian.
Indians are literally raised with the taste and smell of crisp Dosas with coconut chutney and delicious sambar to go along with it. This is one of the most indulgent breakfast items served all over India.


2. Hyderabadi biriyani

If we are thankful for anything the Mughals brought, it is their exclusive Biryani prepared with a gamut of spices. Among the numerous biriyani styles, the Hyderabadi biriyani has a special place in out hear because of its finger liking taste and punchy flavours.


3. Indian chaats

Chaats (savoury snacks) are the mainstay of Indian street food. From mouthwatering Pani Puris to lip-smacking kachori’s, Indian chaats are delicious in every way! A must-have evening snack in almost all households, chaats originated in north India, and gradually spread to every nook and corner of the country. Once you have a chaat, there’s literally no going back!


4. Butter Chicken

One of the most popular North Indian cuisines is the Butter Chicken and its vegetarian variant, butter paneer. The creamy and thick orange gravy drenched in butter makes for a killer dish. Goes best with Butter naan, you’ll find this dish served in almost every restaurant in India with its own unique taste.


5. Vada Pav

This Maharashtrian street food is a must-have for anyone visiting Mumbai. It is one of the most loved street food that is enjoyed by locals to celebrities alike! A unique sandwich made of a bread roll and potato patty, this cost-effective snack is relished throughout the state and has been widespread in other parts of India as well.


4. Samosa

Did you know that the samosa was also brought by the Mughals but has gained so much popularity in India that it is literally packaged as Indian street food. Samosas are a savoury item made out of dough stuffed usually with a potato filling fried till crisp. There are other variants of a samosa as well with the stuffing changed to minced meat, lentils or even noodles. But the true foodie will always for its original taste!


There are probably a ton of Indian dishes that foodies across the country love to eat. Tell us your list of favourite Indian dishes and which one of these tops that list! 

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