Learn how you can sponsor our one-of-kind food events for home
chefs and help them kickstart their careers.

1. How to sponsor the event?

If you’re interested in sponsoring our event, you can go to the Foodeez website and sign up as a sponsor. Website: https://foodeezfest.com/

2. What are the types of sponsorship titles?

From title sponsor, associate sponsor, silver sponsors to event sponsors, we have a wide range of sponsorships available for investors.

3. What will I get from sponsoring the event?

Depending on your sponsorship title, investors get free brand marketing across all social media, big screen ad displays, organic brand reach to 1000+ people, offline ads and more.

4. How much does it cost to sponsor the event?

The price for sponsoring the event depends entirely upon the sponsorship title that you choose and the facilities that you require.

5. What are the different types of people that will come to the event?

This event will mainly pull in food enthusiasts, home chefs, and the general public who love to eat, cook and celebrate food.


Learn how you can participate in the Foodeez event
and showcase your food to the world.

1. How to become a vendor for the event?

If you want to become a vendor at our event, you can go to the Foodeez website and sign up as a vendor. Website: https://foodeezfest.com/

2. What will I get from this Foodeez event?

As a vendor, you will get the opportunity to showcase your brand, make the world taste your food, test new food ideas and generate high revenues in a single day.

3. How much does talking up a stall cost?

The price of each stall will depend on the square foot of the kitchen space required by your team and the daily brand advertisement you need.

4. How many people will be present?

The size of the event will determine the footfall, but every event is expected to attract thousands of food lovers and home chefs.

5. What type of cuisines can be prepared for the event?

FoodeezFest will be showcasing a range of Indian cuisines from North to South as well as famous Western dishes. So there is no restriction on the type of food you prepare.


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1. When is the upcoming event?

To get all the information about our upcoming event, check out the event page here.

2. How do I sign up for an event?

If you’re interested in attending our event, you can go to the Foodeez website and sign up as an attendee. Website: https://foodeezfest.com/

3. How long is the event?

Foodeez events are usually hosted over the weekend. It is a two-day long event filled with fun events, amazing food, and workshops.

4. What is unique about this event?

The best thing about Foodeez event is that it promotes home chefs and give them a platform to showcase their food while providing you with healthy, hygienic and homemade food.

5. What kind of cuisines will be there in the event?

From North Indian flavours to South’s Chettinad cuisine, All American burgers to French bread, all kinds of food will be made available at the event.

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