Here’s Why You Should Attend FoodeezFest: A Unique Food Event For Home Chefs

Our previous blog talked much in detail about our first-ever Foodeez event that will be taking place at Baldwins Ground, Bengaluru. You can check out that blog here to get an idea about our event-  Bangalore Is Experiencing Its First-Ever Food Event For Home Chefs!

Coming back to our blog, let’s get into the reasons why you need to attend FoodeezFest at Baldwins ground, Bengaluru on 18th and 19th January 2020.


An Opportunity For Food Enthusiasts

Foodeez is opening its door to home cooks and food enthusiasts all over the country and giving them an opportunity to cook in front of thousands of people. If you’re someone who’s talented and passionate about cooking you can make your dream come true at the FoodeezFest. This event is a platform where you can showcase your food, try different kinds of cuisines and explore the Bengaluru food scene. This unique event is an absolute necessity for food lovers to attend and even participate in!


A Paradise For Food Lovers

The FoodeezFest is going to be a food paradise of sorts for food enthusiasts! A multitude of dishes from all over the world will be prepared by our very own home chefs who will be putting up stalls all over the place. At this event, we’ll be taking you through a fantastic journey of healthy, hygienic, home-cooked dishes that you will not get to taste anywhere else! Of course, apart from this, we’ll be arranging some lip-smacking street food from the North and South that will make their way straight to your heart!


An Initiative To Support Home Chefs

At its very core, Foodeez was born as an initiative to bring together home chefs and create a community that uplifts their dreams. Our first food event is backed up by that dream to help all the home chefs and food enthusiasts to showcase their food to the world. Supporting this event will help our home chefs to live this dream and also turn their passion into a business. Through this event, our home cooks will also get the chance to earn money while cooking and who knows, turn into a business opportunity.


A Two-day Fun Event For Families

The foodeez event is also a chance for you to spend some amazing time with your family and friends while having good food and participating in some fun events. We will also be organising some really fun performances and workshops from well-known personalities to ensure that there is never a boring moment in this event. You and your family are in for an amazing time at the Foodeezfest Baldwins.


Oof, that if those were not enough reasons, here’s one more: Free Entry!
Yes, the FoodeezFest Baldwins is a free entry event where you can come anytime with your family and friends and stay till your tummies are full!
So what are you waiting for, register for the event here and book your spots!

Furthermore, if you’re interested in putting up a stall or sponsoring our event, you can sign up here-


We hope to see you all there!

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